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Thankful to be “In the Word” when “Out of Season.”

Thankful to be “In the Word” when “Out of Season.”

I am thankful that our church remains faithful to the Lord and His Word and abides true to the convictions revealed in God’s timeless Book. In a day and age of vast compromise, consumerism, carnality and worldly gimmicks, how important it is to “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3). The more we remain true to the Scriptures and traditional values and practices, the more we stand out in our day as being different.
I am most thankful for our commitment to honor the Word of God.… Read the rest

A Badge of Honor

The early church consisted of a group of people who were banded together by their common faith and love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Bible Open They were not known for wealth, popularity or prestige but for their devotion and resemblance to the Lord Jesus Christ.  For which cause, their enemies scornfully tagged them as “Christians” – or little Christs.  Yet, this name became their greatest badge of honor.

What was the secret behind these unusual people?  How did they make such an impact on such a low budget?  I believe it had nothing to do with their material status but everything to do with their passion and commitment to Christ. … Read the rest